ca-logo copyThe Manchester Branch was set up in November 1904 at the University of Manchester with a total of 178 members. Archaeological excavation was a major interest of the new Branch and the Branch’s Excavation Committee produced a series of reports on the excavations at Melandra Castle, Manchester and Ribchester. For the Manchester Branch to have been so involved in archaeology a century ago seems to indicate a remarkable far-sightedness for its time.

Although we are no longer involved in archaeology, all the other features of our Branch, listed below, are in the tradition of our predecessors:

  • Branch meetings are held six times a year and take the form of lectures with visiting speakers.
  • We join the speaker for a drink after the lecture and those who wish to go out to share with him or her the delights of some good wine and the huge variety of cuisines available in Manchester.
  • A day excursion is held every June, its ‘modern phase’ beginning in 1979. The aim continues to be that of exploring on foot Roman sites within a day’s return travel from Manchester. We use members’ cars, and enjoy a ‘bar meal’ together at the end of the day.
  • We continue to offer services to schools in the form of our schools programme.