Athena’s Owls

Some creations from our lovely Owls!

Some creations from our lovely Owls!

The Manchester Classical Association’s newest project, Athena’s Owls, is a series of story and crafts activity sessions aimed at 5-8 year old children in local libraries, each with a different theme. The aim of these workshops is to get young children interested in mythology and the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome and Egypt, by introducing them to these stories and allowing them to experiment with their own ancient creations. Each session involves a different theme and a range of exciting activities for the children.


Our next event will be held at Didsbury Library on Saturday 17th March from 11.15am-12.15pm, and will be on the theme of ‘Togas and Tunics’!

Please join us as we discover a little more about this ancient contest, make laurel crowns and decorate chariots, and perhaps even have our own mini-Olympics event!

Please see our poster below for more information on our future events, and if you have any questions please email Kat,