Latin and Greek Reading Competition 2016


1:45 pm - 4:00 pm


Bolton School
Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4PA

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This year’s Reading Competition is being kindly hosted by Bolton School, on Wednesday 24th February at 13.45 (arrival from 13.30).

There will be sections for Latin Beginners, Latin Intermediate, GCSE Latin, GCSE Greek, VI-Form Latin, VI-Form Greek and – brand new this year – Classics in Translation.

After the announcement of the winners of each section at the final plenary session, the first-prize winners will perform their recitations in front of everyone. The afternoon will end with refreshments, and close at approximately 16.00 .

The judges will look in equal measure both for technical competence and for understanding and involvement. An understanding of the passage is shown through phrasing, characterisation and reflection of mood.

Further information on the passages and marking criteria is available here: Reading Passages and Marking Criteria
Before the heats take place, there will also be talks given by experts in the field, focusing on some of the texts themselves and on the broader theme of Classics in Antiquity, as well as a lunch provided by the school. This is an entirely optional part of the day, which will begin early at 11.45 and to which everybody taking part in the competition is very warmly invited.

Please come along and experience the unique quality of the afternoon’s entertainment. The judges are always encouraging and helpful.

● An entry fee of £1 per person will be charged for the competition, in order to encourage commitment to the day and to cover the refreshments. Please fill in the Application Form and send it to James Reeson at Bolton School, together with a list of individual names and your payment, as soon as you are able. Friday 23rd January is the latest date for entries; this schedule is important for the smooth running of the event.
● Those wishing to also attend the talks in the morning, followed by the lunch, are asked to pay a further £5 per person to cover the costs of the lunch.
● Competitors will read from an unmarked copy of their text on the day.
● Prizes in the form of book tokens from the CA will be awarded in each category.
● The maximum number of entrants for Beginners’ Latin is two (either two pairs or two individuals) and for GCSE Latin is six students.
● Individual winners one year cannot take part in the same category in any subsequent year.
Queries can be sent either to Dr James Reeson ( or to Leo Mitchell (, as appropriate.

Expressions of interest should be made by email to by 18/12/15.
The final date for entries is 22/01/2016.

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