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🎄🎁Christmas Gift Memberships 🎁🎄

Stuck trying to find a last-minute Christmas gift idea? Here at Manchester CA we have you covered!

We now offer you the chance to purchase a Christmas Gift Membership to anyone you chose for £10: the lucky recipient will be welcomed to the branch, given a full membership (worth up to £15), and will receive a full 12 months. It’s open to anyone!

Just send us an e-mail with your name, and the name/e-mail address of the lucky recipient: you can pay through PayPal/standing order following the steps below. To be bought on or before 31st of December 2020.

E-mail addresses: ///

🎁🎄Happy Holidays from all of us 🎁🎄

**Update** we now have a PayPal page through which you can pay for membership easily!

Membership Form: Please fill in this form to join the Branch.

Payment: New and existing members can opt to pay via PayPal, or by standing order, which helps keep our administration down. If you wish to pay by standing order, please ensure you send this form to your bank.

Membership fees help us to maintain our excellent programme and to promote Classics in the local community; planned activities this year include:

  • organising a Latin and Greek reading competition for school students;
  • hosting a Set Texts Day for sixth form students jointly with the Classics and Ancient History Department at the University of Manchester;
  • running a major project funded by the national charity Classics for All aimed at supporting a major project aimed at introducing Latin into state schools; 10 schools at both primary and secondary levels are participating in the first year of this project, with offerings ranging from lunchtime Latin clubs for 8 year olds to new GCSE Latin programmes for talented 6th formers;
  • organising a series of lectures, including the annual Whitehead Lecture, and the Roman Spain event, jointly hosted with the Cervantes Institute in Deansgate;
  • organising a series of public screenings of classical films.

We are also in the process of organising additional events throughout the year, designed for schools and the wider local community in the city. These will be advertised during the coming month, but we expect them to include:

  • further new offerings on the Roman provinces, in collaboration with local branches of cultural organisations such as the Alliance Francaise and the Goethe Institute;
  • a workshop in the New Year for teachers of Classics.

We are also very keen to expand both the general membership and the Branch Committee, so if you are interested in being actively involved, you will be made very welcome indeed.

If you have any queries about membership, please contact our secretary, Jenny Bryan at