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CPD Sessions for OCR Ancient History Options, GCSE, and A Level

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Public Outreach

The Manchester Classical Association ran a number of events aimed at schools in the local area, including an annual ‘Latin and Greek Reading Competition’, and ‘Texts Day’, to which we invite A-Level and AS-Level studying Classics, Classical Civilisations and Ancient History to attend and receive lectures from university staff based on the A-Level syllabus.

Since the pandemic, these events have not taken place. Should anyone wish to restart these events, we are more than happy to help arrange this! We would love to start these up again!

Past Events

Prior to the 2019 pandemic, each year, the Manchester Classical Association, in conjunction with the Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology Department at the University of Manchester, hosted a study day for AS and A-Level students in Classics, Classical Civilisations and Ancient History from schools across Manchester. The day features a series of lectures given by university staff from the department based on a range of topics related to the A Level syllabus. The event is intended to give these students a taster of university study and to benefit their A-Level study itself.

Our last event took place on the 27th February 2019, featuring talks related to the Classical Civilisations and Ancient History A-Levels. In 2018, students from four schools attended the event and enjoyed lectures on topics ranging from the Odyssey to Tacitus’ Annals.

If you have are a teacher in the North West and have any questions or would like to get your school involved in future years’ events please email our Secretary, Jenny Bryan.

The 2016 Reading Competition was hosted by Bolton School in February, with 140 pupils attending from 11 different schools.  A passion for classical language was clear at all levels, from the spirited and energetic double acts in the beginners’ category, with their lively versions of the Cambridge Latin Course’s take on Roman comedy, all the way to the sixth formers renditions of Sophocles’ Antigone and the Aeneid.  New heats this year included a very popular intermediate Latin round, attracting thirty entrants, and a new classics-in-translation round, in which entrants channeled the vengeful fury of Clytaemnestra with great gusto and skill.  Congratulations are due to all winners, but also to all of the other entrants for their great efforts and hugely positive approach to the day.  We hope to see many of you return next year!

The 2019 Reading competition was held on Wednesday 27th March at Stockport Grammar School. Competitors read from an unmarked copy of their text on the day. The judges looked in equal measure both for technical competence and for understanding (through phrasing, characterisation and reflection of mood) and involvement. Due to the popularity of the event, categories and maximum entrants were introduced (see below). Prizes were in the form of book tokens from the Classical Association and were awarded to each category.
The passages for the competition are available here: Reading Competition Texts 2019.

    Beginners’ Latin PairsMaximum 2 pairs per school
    Intermediate Latin PairsMaximum 2 pairs per school
    GCSE LatinMaximum 3 individuals per school
    GCSE GreekNo maximum
    A-Level LatinNo maximum; Individual competitors may perform either prose or verse passage
    A-Level GreekNo maximum
    Classics in TranslationMaximum 3 individuals per school