About us – The Committee

President: Professor John Prag
Chair: Dr April Pudsey

Hon. Secretary: Dr Jenny Bryan
Hon. Treasurer: Dr Ursula Rothe
Schools’ Liaison: Matt Ingham
Social Media Officer: Adam Aderman

Professor John Prag

Primarily a Classical archaeologist, John is interested in cross-disciplinary research, particularly in pottery analysis and facial reconstruction. He recently co-ordinated the Alderley Edge Landscape Project for Manchester Museum and the National Trust, and is finally working again on the iconographic and literary traditions of the Oresteia. Keeper of Archaeology, Manchester Museum 1969-2004, Prof. of Archaeological Studies 2004, since 2005 Hon. Prof. of Archaeological Studies, Manchester Museum and Professor Emeritus of Classics, University of Manchester.

Dr April Pudsey

April is Reader in Ancient History at Manchester Metropolitan University. She’s been working in universities across the UK for the last 14 years since she completed her PhD in Manchester. April is a keen advocate of opening up the Classical world beyond the walls of our universities, so that more of us can engage with questions about both ancient and modern life. You can read about April’s academic research and teaching here and follow her on Twitter @AprilPudsey.

Dr Jenny Bryan

Jenny is a Senior Lecturer in Classical Philosophy at the University of Manchester. She studied classics at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge and remained in Cambridge for her postgraduate study, which focused on Plato and Early Greek Philosophy. In 2010 after two years as a Junio Research Fellow at Homerton College, Cambridge, she became a lecturer in Classical Philosophy at University College London. She moved to the University of Manchester in 2016. She is widely published in classical philosophy including her 2012 monograph ‘Likeness and likelihood in the presocratics and Plato’, Cambridge University Press. Jenny is Secretary for the branch.

Ursula Rothe

Ursula is Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies at the Open University. Her main area of expertise is Roman history and archaeology, and she specialises in Roman dress. Her most recent publication is The Toga and Roman Identity (Bloomsbury). You can find her website at www.drtoga.org and follow her on Twitter at @dr_toga.

Matt Ingham

Matt is chief storyteller for Athena’s Owls but when he’s not putting on ridiculous voices, he’s working on his PhD in Classics and Ancient History focusing on women’s interactions with legal authorities in the Roman Empire. He has recently submitted his thesis. Matt is also involved with the Manchester Classics for All scheme which aims to help teachers introduce Latin and Classics into state schools. You can find Matt on Twitter at @Matt_Mcr_CfA.

Adam Aderman

Adam is working on his PhD in History at Manchester Metropolitan University. His thesis, entitled “Psychotraumatology in the Roman Empire,” aims to redefine the framework historians use when looking at the psychology of ancient people. By looking at the Roman Empire in a holistic sense, and piecing together personal accounts and veteran memories, he aims to look at the Roman world and help shed light into their possible psychological trauma. He is currently in his 2nd year of researching, but is also a website editor for PAHC Online and on the editorial board for MMU’s PGR journal called Hive.